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e. Janet, Info.

Unit 316, The Studios,
The Old Castle Brewery,
No.6 Beach Road, Woodstock, Cape Town,
7925, South Africa.


Greetings! And welcome to the online home of Traffik Studios. Based in Cape Town, South Africa. TRAFFIK offers cutting edge, digitised castings for TV commercials and feature films.

Clients will be presented with fully-authored DVD’s and accompanying books including head-shots and relevant, up-to-date information of the applicants. Time and energy is focused on achieving quality, to-the-brief performances and excellent presentation thereof. Applicants are provided with explicit briefs and the relevant scripts if possible.

Casting presentations can be supplied as a Filmit dvd and book or as documents, pictures and MP4 files on a Traffik environmentally friendly bamboo USB drive.

Web Presentation requests are supplied by FILM-IT (CLICK FOR SAMPLE-PAGE).

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August 2012. Traffik studio has had two very busy seasons. Tracey Lund continues to wrangle babies and Quinton Lavery wrote and Directed his feature film “Casting Me…” filmed at Traffik... Read more


Visual impact is something thats core to what we do here at Traffik. The easiest way to convey this is through unique imagery. We have a library of such imagery. You will find a small selection of that library here. Have a look through our beautiful studio shots and some of the beautiful people that visit Traffik. We have also got some other interesting media that will be frequently updated for your viewing pleasure. Read more